Passionate + Dedicated = Top Achiever Award

We at Rippe Associates are proud to see Christine’s contributions to our firm and the industry acknowledged by our peers. I regularly see her passion come through in her commitment to quality for her projects, the consulting profession, and healthcare foodservice departments.

Christine and Steve 2018

From her first week on this career path (where she went to a meeting for a regional hospital and they wouldn’t let her leave until there was a schematic design) she proves regularly that she doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Whether it is being allotted enough space by an architect, allocating enough money for the appropriate equipment in the budget by an owner or providing designs that reflect current trends for an outdated department, Christine is a courageous advocate for her clients and passionate about making sure foodservice operators get what they need to meet administration and customer expectations.

Christine is also passionate about continuous improvement. Through her work with various associations that provide resources for operators, consultants, and other industry members, she is always working to push the foodservice industry to the next level. I don’t want to say how long Christine has been at this, but there was a fax machine involved in the beginning, and if I’ve learned anything from her in that time, it’s that her next project is going to build on top of her last, not be the same thing all over again.

Congratulations Christine! It’s a well-deserved acknowledgment of all you have done and continue to do for the foodservice world! ~ Steve

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