Taking One For The Team

There are many things that we “always” do here at Rippe Associates. We have a summer picnic, Monday staff meetings, attend NAFEM, celebrate work anniversaries, and much more. One of the things on that list, the AIA Minneapolis Golf Outing, has “always” been attended by our President, Steve Carlson. This year, however, Steve had a scheduling conflict and was going to be unable to attend. Not wanting to miss out on our opportunity to support the Minnesota Architectural Foundation, two of Steve’s teammates took one for the team and offered to participate in his absence. Mike Wrase and Zach Swanson attended the event on Monday, July 30 at Majestic Oaks Golf Course in Ham Lake, Minnesota.

Wrase prepared for the event by hitting a bucket of balls a few weeks ago, the first time he’s touched his golf clubs since the Toby Tournament in 2016. Since Zach plays golf much more regularly than once every two years, he spent his prep time making sure his alma mater would be represented out on the course by ironing an NDSU patch on his hat the night before the round.

Mike Wrase and Zach Swanson had the pleasure of golfing with Tom Hoskens and Mike Strand from Cuningham Group. Or should I say Tom and Mike had the unfortunate experience of having to golf with Wrase and Zach? Either way, I think they make a great looking foursome!


Throughout the course there were different challenges and prizes to be won. Water bottles were a popular prize as Zach believes he now has eight new ones! His dice rolling skills were a bit lack luster however, so he missed out on the choice between a divot tool with ball marker or a flash light for this one.


I’m told that they did in fact keep score during this scramble-style tournament. Each team would enter their score via the Golf Genius app and they were able to see live scores to see how well (or not) they were doing against the other foursomes. Wrase had a beautiful shot on a par 3 that landed just a few feet from the pin – then he made the birdie putt to put them at two under!


In an attempt to redeem himself from his poor dice-rolling skills, Zach stepped up and proved that he is in fact an excellent golfer, with or without oven mitts!


From the look of these pictures, I’m guessing they will gladly take one for the team if Steve happens to have a conflict again next year!


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