What’s Your Alphabet Soup?

Every industry has their group or association to assist those in the field with lessons learned, networking and advancing their profession. Foodservice is no different, there’s the National Restaurant Association (NRA), National Association of College & University Foodservice (NACUFS), Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF), Society for Hospitality & Foodservice Management (SHFM), and on and on and on . . . you could probably just pick out some letters of the alphabet and it would be someone’s organization!

In our world, that group is called Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). Many members of our office have been, or are, on committees, helped plan events, been co-chairs of our chapter and even become Professional Members!

One of our active FCSI members is Shelby, she is the leader of the Committee for Emerging Consultants (C4EC), which strives to provide the opportunity to learn how to become a professional member and is a vehicle to connecting new members with established members. She recently attended the FCSI Upper Midwest Chapter Event which was held at the Surly Brewery in Minneapolis, MN. Here is her synopsis of the event recently published in the monthly email blast to all FCSI members:

We enjoyed an educational insight on designing the Surly Brewery by Rippe Associates’ President Steve Carlson, FCSI.  Steve highlighted the goals and challenges of the design and execution of the venues. Surly provided a presentation on the history of the brand, as well as kitchen tours with the head chef to see the design and operation first hand. A panel of local service tech employees provided a valuable question and answer session on the common issues they see in the field and face within the industry. In the future, our industry will see issues as fewer service technicians are coming into the field. As consultants, we should also consider what we can do to extend our service to clients to help them maintain the equipment we specify. Thank you to everyone involved in hosting such a great event!

FCSI Event at Surly

Group poses for a quick photo after Steve Carlson discussed his design efforts at Surly Brewery during the FCSI Upper Midwest Chapter Event.

So, now that you know a little bit about ours . . . have you enjoyed your profession’s alphabet soup lately? If so, let us know what a typical gathering is like for you!


FCSI’s Upper Midwest Chapter Event at Surly Brewery

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